• Annual Awards Banquet

    More information for 2018 coming soon!

  • Havana Nights 2017
    • John-Slocum-AWB-w200.jpg
      John Slocum, 2017 Southlake Citizen of the Year
    • Hilton-AWB.jpg
      Hilton Southlake Town Square, 2017 Southlake Corporate Business of the Year
    • Justin-Lewis-AWB.jpg
      ProCore Fitness, 2017 Southlake Small Business of the Year
    • Mayor-Hill-Pres.-Award-AWB.jpg
      Mayor Laura Hill, 2017 President's Award
    • Michelle-Moore-AWB.jpg
      Michelle Moore, 2017 Southlake Volunteer of the Year
    • MaryLee-Alford-AWB.jpg
      MaryLee Alford, 2017 Southlake Chamber Director of the Year
    • National-Charity-League-w250.jpg
      National Charity League Southlake-2017Southlake Civic Group of the Year
    • Carlee-Miller-AWB.jpg
      Carlee Miller, 2017 Southlake Youth of the Year
    • Tropical-Sno-AWB.jpg
      Tropical Sno of Southlake, 2017 Chamber Chairman's Award
    • Norm-Downing-AWB.jpg
      Norm Downing, 2017 Southlake Chamber Ambassador Award